What is Nam in Computer Network

             The network animator is denoted as the provision of scenario editing capabilities, traditional time event plots of protocol actions, protocol graphs and packet level animation. The advantages of Nam are about the functions of network simulator which is deployed to collect the data about protocol from simulation. Notably, the function of preprocessing includes the visualization of data that is in a straight line of network traces in real time.

What is Computer Network?

          In general, the computer network is considered as the collection of some objects to permit the data sharing process and the objects such as peripherals, network devices, mainframes, servers and computers. The rapport of connected devices with the geometric graph is described as the network topology. On the other hand, the devices are the depiction of vertices with the connection along with the representation of simulation animator graphs.

Animation of Computer Networking

       The significant concepts based on this design are functional for the computer network along with the illustration of animation. Additionally, our research professionals have highlighted some significant networking concepts for your reference.

  • Hypertext transfer protocol
  • Domain name resolution
  • Media access in Ethernet local-area networks
  • Error control
  • Packet fragmentation
  • Packet encapsulation

Scenario Creation and Editing

         Here, our research professionals have years of experience in this field about the implementation process have enlisted the significance of creation and editing process in two corresponding methods and they are deployed to assist the scenario creation such as.

  • Nam is deployed to in ns scenario creation and it is used to visualize the large scenario topologies with the utilization of tools including Georgia Tech’s ITM10 for the scenarios. Additionally, nam is utilizing the automatic layout with the representation of topology for the approval of user
  • The input facility is a scenario which is added to nam and through this the users are capable to apply for the drawing approach that is traditional and through adding protocol agents, links and nodes. This scenario is saved as the ns simulation script through nam

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