What is Ns2 Simulator?

Over this article, our technical professionals have provided the enough data about the Ns2 simulator. In addition, this article provides the processes that are deployed to execute the simulation creation using network simulator 2.

The Ns2 simulator is defined as the discrete event simulator which is targeted at the research based on networking. In addition, it provides the notable support for the simulation through wired and wireless networks and the simulation such as,

  • Multicast protocols
  • Routing
  • TCP

Create Simulation Using Ns2

The creation of Tcl based main script code is defined as the first step to create the simulation using Ns2 simulator.

Creation of Simulation Using Ns2

Run Simulation Using Ns2 Simulator

After completing the creation of Tcl main script, we have to run the simulation using Ns2 simulator through opening the terminal and executing the commands that are highlighted in the following.

cd /home/research/Desktop/ns2_simulator

sudo ./ns Main.tcl

Performance Metrics Calculation Using Ns2 Simulator

In the following, we have highlighted the list of performance metrics which is used to calculate the performance using Ns2 simulator.

  • Packet overhead
  • Packet error rate (PER)
  • Packet loss rate
  • Energy consumption
  • End to end delay
  • Throughput
  • packet delivery rate (PDR)

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