What is the Use of Nam File in Ns2

Let’s check out all the required information about the utilization of Nam file in the network simulator 2 with the guidance of our research professionals. Here, we have started with the list of utilizations based on Nam file in Ns2.

  • It is integrated with Ns2 simulator to read the input file and draw the network events graphically
  • It is deployed to visualize the progression of packets over the network
  • It is denoted as Tcl / Tk based animation tool deployed to view the real world packet traces and network simulation traces

Run Ns2 Main File

To change the Ns2 main file location, we have to implement the below mentioned commands to run the main file in Ns2 in Ubuntu.

cd /home/research/NAM_file_in_NS2

sudo ./ns NS2_Main.tcl

Running Ns2 Main File

Following that, the auto generated Nam trace file is acquired and it is based on the Ns2 simulation.

Finally, we have highlighted the result which is acquired through the execution of auto generated Ns2 simulation based trace file using Nam.

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