What is the Use of Ns2 Simulator

Are you guys struggling to know about the uses of Ns2 simulator? Then, no worries! Because in this article, we have depicted the significant utilizations of network simulator 2, come let’s get to know that.

Uses of Ns2 Simulator

Here, we have highlighted the significant utilizations of network simulator 2 in the following.

  • It plots the results
  • Bandwidth of CBR and VBR
  • Congestion windows monitoring
  • Average TCP throughput
  • Average CBR throughput
  • Average VBR throughput
  • It us used for the implementation of network fed with the TCP traffic among FTP source and to sink to file transfer service

Projects Ideas Using Ns2

For your ease, we have highlighted the notable research ideas based on network simulator 2.

  • Cluster based routing protocol in WSN
  • Multi-tier scheduling and secure routing in SDWSN environment
  • Placement of edge computing devices for vehicular applications in smart cities
  • Implementation solutions for attack prevention cryptography techniques in WSN
  • AFDX based message transmission in SDN
  • Wireless network on chip security handling

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