Wireless Body Area Network In NS2

Wireless body area network:

  • A body area network (BAN) is a network that includes a collection of wearable devices. It is a specific type of wireless network with a very particular use and scope.
  • These devices communicating through wireless technologies and transmit data from the body to a home base station, from where the data can be forwarded to a hospital, clinic or relatime
  • It’s still in primitive stage and is being widely researched.


Applications of WBAN:

  • Initial application of WBAN is to appear primarily in the healthcare domain, especially for continuous monitoring and logging vital parameters of patients sufferinf from various diseases
  • Sports
  • Security
  • Military applications
  • Exchanging business cards with just handshaking etc


Architecture of WBAN:



Challenges on WBAN:

  • Sensor validation
  • Interoperability
  • Data consistency
  • System device
  • Invasion of privacy
  • System and device-level security etc.


Sample code for WBAN:

This is the code for possibility of occurrences of attack in WBAN network. The prevention techniques are used to overcome that attack.


AODV::command(intargc, const char*const* argv) {

if(argc == 2) {

Tcl&tcl = Tcl::instance();

if(strncasecmp(argv[1], “id”, 2) == 0) {

tcl.resultf(“%d”, index);

return TCL_OK;


if(strncasecmp(argv[1], “rushingattack”, 13) == 0) {

malicious= 1000;

return TCL_OK;



AODV::AODV(nsaddr_t id) : Agent(PT_AODV),

btimer(this), htimer(this), ntimer(this),

rtimer(this), lrtimer(this), rqueue() {

index = id;

seqno = 2;

bid = 1;