Wireless Sensor Network Projects

     Wireless Sensor Network Projects for final year students of B.Tech / M.Tech and also for research scholars are assist by us. Wireless Sensor Network is comprise of sensors that are enable to perform communicate within a short communication range. Having a in-depth study and discussion over this network brings out the challenges and their corresponding solutions. The concepts in Wireless-Sensor-Network Projects are define based on any one of the following,

  • Coverage Area
  • Network Latency
  • Power Consumption
  • Network lifetime
  • Fault tolerance
  • Fair resource allocation
  • Network security
  • Network topology
  • Sensors connectivity
  • Quality of Service management

     Wireless Sensor Network Projects are developed by using the standard IEEE 802.15.4 which is globally inbuilt by sensor features and characteristics. This type of network is recently integrated with internet of things and cloud for certain application scenarios. We accomplish you with our expertise team to run faster to achieve your project goal. Till now, we have created nearly 5000+ happy customers for their project completion and shine in their carrier. No worries about the queries, we are here for 24/7 customer support to solve it.

A few latest concepts of Wireless-Sensor-Network Projects are listed in the following,

  • A creative process of WSN based clock synchronization also by network-coded messages [WSN Projects]
  • On the scheming function of a long range WSN designed also for Precision Irrigation system
  • An effective mechanism of WPTE derived from Weight-Based Probabilistic Trust Evaluation Scheme also used for WSN
  • The design progression of Simple Modified Peak Detection Based on UWB Receiver also used for WSN and IoT Applications
  • An imaginative process of Low-Latency and High-Reliability Cooperative WSN also for Indoor Industrial Monitoring
  • An effectual performance of investigate on Energy-Efficient Multi-Path Routing Protocol of WSN also used for Railway Environment Monitoring system
  • An efficient method meant also for collecting spatio-temporal data in the WSN via mobile sinks
  • A new technique of WSN based on RSSI, GPS and accelerometer measurements also used for train integrity monitoring system
  • The new-fangled method of WSN Monitoring System for Large Outdoor Advertising Boards also Based on ZigBee and MEMS Sensor scheme
  • An original Monitoring and also controlling buildings indoor air quality through WSN-based on technologies
  • A new technology of Energy efficient scalability of heterogeneous broad transmission distance protocol (HT-BTDP) in WSN also for Internet-of-Things [WSN-Projects]
  • The process of WSN-based reconfigurable water quality monitoring system also in IoT environment
  • An effective usage of Wireless node energy monitors using common development platforms also with a Raspberry Pi to monitor energy consumption via WSN
  • Designing process for Smartphone controlled WSN also in favor of a smart home system
  • An efficient method for WSN heterogeneity in IoT and also CPSs system