Wireless Sensor Networks Thesis

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  • Thesis topic
  • Base paper
  • Problem definition
  • Research proposal
  • Implemented code
  • Results

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  • DDoS detection in SD-WSN
  • Reliable data collection in edge WSN
  • Fog-WSN based patient monitoring
  • WSN-IoT big data management by hadoop
  • Lightweight cryptosystems for IIoT
  • 5G multi-RAT for multimedia sensor network
  • Spectrum handoff in cognitive radio sensors
  • V2I for vehicular sensor networks
  • Query processing in WSN-NDN
  • Coexistence of MANET and WSN for IoT
  • Wireless endoscopy with imaging technique
  • Data management in sensor cloud

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  • Cluster-based routing
  • MAC scheduling
  • Antenna design
  • Reliable data collection
  • In-network processing
  • Lightweight IDS
  • Faulty sensor detection
  • Mobile sink replacement
  • Mobile energy harvester
  • Source location privacy protection
  • Localization in 3D-WSN
  • Coverage hole detection

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