Wireless Simulation in NS2 Projects

Wireless Simulation in NS2
Wireless Backhaul Networks With Precoding Complex Field Network Coding
ZVS double-side LCC compensated resonant inverter with magnetic integration for electric vehicle wireless charger
Improved multiple sink placement strategy in wireless sensor networks
Dynamic Operations of Cloud Radio Access Networks (C-RAN) for Mobile Cloud Computing Systems
3D EM model libraries to support antenna integration into complex structures, IoT design and enterprise-level product development
A Touch-Communication Framework for Drug Delivery Based on a Transient Microbot System
MAC-aware routing in wireless sensor networks
Centralized Adaptation for Parameter Estimation over Wireless Sensor Networks
Optimal Cloudlet Placement and User to Cloudlet Allocation in Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks
Location Information Assisted Joint Spectrum Sensing and Power Allocation for Cognitive Radio Networks with Primary User Outage Constraint
Identification of Wireless Devices of Users Who Actively Fake Their RF Fingerprints with Artificial Data Distortion
Robust Parallel Analog Function Computation via Wireless Multiple-Access MIMO Channels
Ferrite-loaded coil for uniform magnetic field distribution
Three-phase magnetic field design for low EMI and EMF automated resonant wireless power transfer charger for UAV
An area packet scheduler to mitigate coexistence issues in a WPAN/WLAN based hetergeneous network
Strength-Constrained Weighted Evolution Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
Adaptive contention window tuning for IEEE 802.11
Low cost ubiquitous context-aware Wireless Communications Laboratory for undergraduate students
Video-Quality-Driven Resource Allocation for Real-Time Surveillance Video Uplinking Over OFDMA-Based Wireless Networks
Coexistence Wi-Fi MAC Design for Mitigating Interference Caused by Collocated Bluetooth
Design and magnetic properties of electric vehicle wireless charging system
MM-wave LTE-A small-cell wireless backhauling based on TH-IR techniques
Optimization parameters of ultra wideband microstrip array antenna for wireless communication usign beam steering
A Motion-Powered Piezoelectric Pulse Generator for Wireless Sensing via FM Transmission
Energy Efficient Wireless Sensing for Level Set Estimations
 IEEE wireless simulation in ns2