NS2 Projects for MTech Students

Guidance to develop NS2 Projects for MTech Students

NS2 is an important type of network simulator which separate data path and control path. We support NS2 with all network algorithms to design various network. We offer NS2 projects for MTech/M.E provide final year project with advance network technology. We support M.E students to design new concepts with various protocols. We provide NS2 simulation projects based on students needs and ideas. We developed more than 85+ projects network related thesis for M.E students. We implement NS2 projects in both real time and IEEE papers for M.E students.

Trust based routing:

We ensure optimal forwarder based on energy and trust for routing protocol in sensor network. In wireless network we provide various energy efficiency an critical issue among nodes with limited life time batteries. We use OFETR to eradicate challenges with selection and prioritization forwarder list. We adopt OFTR protocol to increase security by trust worthiness routing and reduce propagation delay. We compare energy consumption of OFTR with other routing protocol by NS2 simulation tool.

Optical burst switching:

We adopt optical burst switching for maximum channel utilization with void filling channel scheduling algorithm. It select feasible data channel with maximum channel utilization. We reduce scheduling time due to the elimination of time consuming process. We implement optical burst switching network composed of various traditional schedulers based on available unused channel with void filling. We integrate hardware processing scheme and corresponding hardware architecture are designed with OBS. We developed channel utilization and bandwidth efficiency projects by optical burst network.

Delay guaranteed routing protocol:

We apply delay guaranteed routing protocol for delay sensitive wireless sensor network applications. We design DCRAM a TDMA based protocol to ensure deterministic delay guarantee in energy efficient way. We process DCRAM based on sleeping node for transmission and reception node slot which compute data from source toward sink and other times node sleep process to conserve energy. We integrate DGRAM packet routing within it and no need to separate routing protocol.

Intelligent agent with handover:

We ensure intelligent agent which play a major role in WLAN handover process and act as client authentication with servers and move data among client and users. We provide server intelligent agent which maintain user profile to eradicate authentication access directly in user intelligent agent. We enhance intelligent agents in WLAN which require adaptive changes over time. We process intelligent agents with adaptive characters are used to change behavior such as share network resource, reduce signal overhead, maintain load balance and enhance network performance in mobile environment. We manage adaptive intelligent agent with own execution logic and life cycle model with finite state machine. We ensure NS2 simulation model to identify network model performance with various traffic behavior.

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Ns2 Projects

Customized NS2 Projects for B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/Ms/PhD Scholars.

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Ns2 Projects Work Progress
  • MANET – Mobile Ad Hoc Network 95%
  • VANET – Vechicle Ad Hoc Netwok 97%
  • LTE – Long Term Evolution 78%
  • IoT – Internet of Things 90%
  • Wireless Sensor Network 89%
  • Network Security 89%
  • Ns2 Attacks 96%
  • Cognitive Radio Network 85%
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing 73%
  • SDN – Software Defined Networking 95%
  • P2P , Video Streaming , Peersim 96%
  • IPV4 , IPV6 88%
  • 4G Network , 5G Network 80%
  • Visual , Underwater Sensor Network 79%
  • Multicasting Communication 84%
  • Wimax, WiFi 90%
  • OFDMA 94%
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