How to make term paper?

This paper is serves as serious assignment for students, which determines their grade for a particular term. It is the paper in which the students write about their personal understanding of a particular topic from study. For each term there will be one term paper assignment for them, but the duration of one term depends on the school management.

Decide on a Subject

Choose a topic of your own which should be more creative and interesting. Selecting a topic of your interest can help you to be more focus towards the research, makes you feel more joyful and help you to be motivated, also keep it in mind that selecting a topic in which you are more familiar will help you to understand the topic more effectively. Choose a topic which has adequate information already which makes your research work easier. After the process of selecting topic is over, select a particular area in which you are going to work which should be less in coverage so that you can complete your process within allotted time. If you have chosen a topic which has many researches related to it, then you start doing the work from different angle, apart from which others had done.

  • Don’t rely on a specific outcome even before starting your work. The result may vary from the one which you thought of getting by the end. This is popularly known as “premature cognitive commitment” in the academics field, which defines that the pre-determined result which you have regardless the final result you are going to find at the end, will modify your final findings according to it rather than a genuine outcome after complete analysis made about topic.
  • You can make better progress in work by knowing about others opinions and comments of your topic. In the area which they comment like any difficult question which could not be answered or “further research is required”, needs more attention.

Do your Research

Don’t start your writing work even before starting your research, writing requires more understanding of the topic in background also. Look in to the current researches and future scope of the topic. Make use of primary source as well as the secondary source for your research purpose. Start your research with an open mind to gain more knowledge and discover exiting things by referring old researches.

Know how to:

  • Do a paper research.
  • Take notes from sources and make it better.

Refine your Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement helps your reader to get the idea about your research and let them know what they are going to find inside it. In this stage you have to find out a strong statement to support your argument and the result you found should make sense for your readers. The thesis statement serves as a backbone for your essay, the supporting sentences for your essay will fall inside it. Don’t over write it with more information, this should be half baked. If you are complete with your thesis statement then move on to creating your first draft.

  • Your research or your thesis statement won’t get terminated at this stage, further more to go. “Enough is enough to make my point here!” At any point of life you may continue your research work due to any situation may be in post-graduation also if you are more into your work.

Develop an outline for the Paper

This step will be very helpful for you to know about your work status. Some students who are in a hurry to complete their work quickly may skip this work of preparing an outline. It will give a framework and structure for your paper it guides you back to your topic whenever you lose focus on your work track. It serves as a skeleton for your writing of paper you just have to fill some extra details. Include the below to build a better outline for your paper:

  • Discussion paragraphs, introduction and summary or conclusion.
  • Introduction part should be followed by paragraphs which should include background information.
  • For all body paragraph try to make a key point, which creates a better argument paragraph.
  • For the question or problem you are not very much sure about the reason.

Make your Point in the Introduction

This section will be quiet challenging for you but not get you into trouble. In the whole paper this section has the possibility to be re written when you progress in your paper. The experience you gain will be based on the flow, direction and result. Help your readers and yourself to understand better about your topic by explaining the general things in term paper like any breakdown, from the starting itself.

  • Frame a quote or a question statement in an interesting way to attract the readers. Also you can add any curious facts about the thesis to it.
  • While introducing your topic, try to be clear straightforward and succinct.
  • Your thesis statement should be clarified in the earlier section itself.

Convince the Reader with your Body paragraph

Every paragraph you use in your article should support the argument you put forward in a unique way. If you couldn’t able to find it, then start it from the first line of your paragraph. You can use paragraphs with some information that might not hold any important relationship with your topic, but you can use them to bring smooth transitions between paragraphs.

Conclude with Strength

  • You can conclude with help of restating the thesis statement.
  • With the information which seems important from last paragraph.
  • Conclude your paper by wrapping it down.
  • At last make your user think about your research – Clincher.

Show some Style

Prefer some style for doing citation purpose according to your instructor, either APA or MLA. Use it according to the guidelines. Don’t make use of more quotes in your paper even though it can help you in making your point clear. Try to avoid sentences from other researchers, like “A says… B says…”, the readers want to know about your perspective only.

Burn Flab, Build Muscle

Frame your sentences properly, make use of words correctly, it will be a sensible way of approach. Make sure to use minimal words as possible, but still get the full meaning out of it.

Don’t be a Slob

For proofreading your paper, checking spelling mistakes in it using a spell-checker is the solution. That tool won’t help you in finding errors like “show” instead of “how” and not with grammar mistakes also. Get help of your friend to check and to mark your mistakes. Use good grammar while framing sentence, make proper use of apostrophe, and take help from your teachers also.

Think of a good title to catch the reader’s attention, but not a too long or too short one

Some researchers can find their research title at the starting itself, some may get it after completing their experiment or in between the process. If you find it difficult to get one, try to get from your peers by doing brainstorm. You may be amused that you can get it from anywhere even by noticing very little information.