SDN Load Balancing Projects

     SDN Load Balancing Projects are develop by our world class certified technical team working in this field for long years. Software Defined Network is abbreviated as SDN which is emerging network architecture. In Software Defined Network, load is the major problem involve due to the participation of many number of users sending multiple network traffic. Here the input is taken as packets whose routing information is store in flow table. Each packet matches its routing information from flow table and then reaches further layer.

     SDN is support with automated load balancing to utilize the available network resources effectively. The major reasons for increase in load are depicted as,

  • Improper flow rules
  • If any attacker aims to abolish the network
  • Particular user forwarding more number of unnecessary data packets
  • Scarcity of switches
  • Any link failure due to technical problems
  • Poor topology formation
  • Poor flow migration

   Due to the above mention reasons, SDN Load Balancing is focus in many recent research paper concepts that can be implement by our team. Our young developing team also supports own concepts, modifications and enhancements in projects under different domains. We work for your success.

   Hereby we have depicted with few important concepts in SDN-Load-Balancing Projects,

  • An effective practice for Load balancing into SDN also by effective traffic manufacturing method
  • The new technology of Load balancing scheme also for data center based on Software Defined Network
  • An effective process of Backhaul, QoS, and also channel-aware load balancing optimization into SDN-based on LTE networks [SDN Load Balancing Projects]
  • An effectual practice for Cycle-based on traffic load balancing method meant also for clustered network by multiple SDN controllers system
  • On the use of SDN-SFC also based on an e-healthcare sensor network load-balancing scheme
  • An efficient mechanism also for Load balancing into SDN based on networks via additive increase and multiplicative decrease (AIMD) technique
  • A new technology for Dynamic load balancing into SDN-based on data center networks (DCNs)
  • An innovative process of Dynamic SDN controllers-switches mapping designed also for load balancing and controller failure handling system
  • The novel technology for Load balancing intended for multiple controllers into SDN also based on switches group
  • On the use of SDN and open flow for Literature survey based on traffic-based server load balancing system
  • An effectual performance for Load balancing researches into SDN scheme
  • The new mechanism for Load balancing based on distributed datastore into opendaylight SDN controller cluster system
  • A new technology for Client-network collaborative load balancing mechanism intended for WLAN based on SDN and 802.11
  • A novel technique for Smart Cooperative Platform intended for Load Balancing and Security based on SDN Distributed Controllers system
  • On the use of SDN based on Network aware VM load balancing in cloud data centers scheme [SDN-Load-Balancing Projects]