In this paper, an android based SAMS (Smart Activities Monitoring System) application for smart phone is proposed. This application is developed with the aim of increasing the national security in Pakistan. In last decade, various incidents including militant attacks and ransom-demands have been reported in which cell phones played a central role in communication between the culprits. The tracking of these criminals is very important and the government needs to adopt technologies to track mobile phones if they are being used for dangerous activities. In this paper, an android based application is presented which is designed and tested to track a suspect without his/her attention.

This application tracks a smartphone by obtaining its current location and monitors a suspect remotely by retrieving informationsuch as call logs, message logs etc. It also detects the face of the suspect and covertly captures the picture using cell phone camera and then sends it via multiple messages. Moreover, the monitoring user can also make calls to the phone which the culprit is using in stealth mode to hear the conversation happening in surroundings of the user without the knowledge of suspect.