This paper proposes an effective real-time video uplink (UL) framework for mobile wireless cameranetworks (WCN) over an orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA), based infrastructure. Mobile wireless camera stations (CSs) transmit their videos in real time to a base station (BS) so that these live video streams can be archived or fed to subscribers to facilitate real-time video monitoring. Based on the utility function driven by video quality, the target bit rate resulting in the highest possible utility is quickly set for each UL video.

To optimize system performance, a real-time video packet scheduler and a spectral-efficient resource-allocation policy are derived. This scheduler is also capable of exploiting the inherent diversity gain due to channel variations. Using fourth-generation (4G) mobile network protocols and a realistic wireless channel model, it is demonstrated through our extensive simulations that our proposed method can significantly enhance utility, boost spectral efficiency, and stabilize video quality.