What is Ns2 in Programming

Do you guys want to know about the programming tactics in network simulator 3? If yes, the stay tuned with this article because our technical professionals have highlighted the process of writing programming code in Ns2.

Ns2 in Programming

The C++ and Tcl / Otcl are the programming languages that are deployed to perform the network simulation process based on ns2. For your reference, we have highlighted the sample code in Ns2

  • C++ code to receive the ping broadcast request

      printf(“Recv BRDCAST Ping REQ : at %d.%d from %d.%d\n”, here_.addr_, here_.port_, hdrip->saddr(), hdrip->sport());


      Packet* pktret = allocpkt();

      hdr_ping* hdrret = hdr_ping::access(pktret);

      hdr_ip* ipret = hdr_ip::access(pktret);

      ipret->dport() = ipret->sport();

      send(pktret, 0);

  • Tcl for add agent id for all nodes

for {set i $val(nn)} {$i < $val(nn) } {incr i } {

$ns at 0.0 “[$node_($i) set ragent_] id”


Execute Ns2 Programming

We have to execute the below mentioned commands to implement the programming based on network simulator 2.

cd /home/research/NS2_in_programming

sudo ./ns Main.tcl

Execution of Ns2 Programming

Finally, we have highlighted the result which is acquired through the implementation of Ns2 programming.

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