WBAN Projects

     WBAN Projects are guided for both undergraduates and postgraduates by our energetic technical team. Ubiquitous advancements in wireless communication have developed WBAN for the welfare of healthcare environment. WBAN architecture is a three tier communication that includes; Intra-BAN Communication, Inter-BAN Communication and Beyond-BAN Communication. Two different standards are being used for WBAN they are IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.15.6. Based on these communications, several process are involved in WBAN-Projects that are illustrated as,

  • Energy efficient routing protocols
  • Fault tolerance
  • Millimeter wave
  • Channel access scheme
  • Scheduling policy
  • Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol design
  • Security
  • Authentication
  • Resource allocation scheme
  • Cooperative transmission schemes
  • Inter–BAN scheduling
  • Modulation and Coding scheme
  • Interference avoidance mechanism
  • Routing protocols
  • Intra–Body communication systems
  • Data aggregation

     WBAN is a considered to be significant in the field of medical and non-medical environments; these are studied by many academic researchers. Communication in WBAN is performed with the strong support of other wireless technologies. Our expertise WBAN technical team assures you with the providence of sufficient knowledge over the chosen project concept. We travel with you until your project is excelled in your academic.

   In the following we have depicted with some latest topics involved in WBAN-Projects,

  • An imaginative practice of Improved MAC access under IEEE 802.15.6 WBAN standard system
  • A new practice of Comparative analysis also for energy efficient routing into WBAN scheme [WBAN Projects]
  • An ingenious practice of Battery-friendly scheduling policy into MAC layer designed also for WBAN data packets transmission system
  • An effective mechanism of Novel proposal also for V2X systems and WBAN cooperation to improve road safety method
  • A Design of flexible triple-layer folded dipole antenna based on curved surface designed also for WBAN system
  • A competent process of manipulative an energy efficient WBAN also based on routing protocol system
  • An effective process of Point-to-Point Wireless Information and also Power Transfer into WBAN by Energy Harvesting system
  • The new process of Wireless Energy and also Information Transfer into WBAN method
  • An inventive mechanism for Maximizing Spectral Efficiency designed also for Energy Harvesting-Aware WBAN scheme
  • An effective function of Dual-Port Pattern Diversity Antenna and also Dual-Mode intended for 2.45-GHz WBAN system
  • The design process of original UWB wearable icon-type textile antenna also used for WBAN applications [WBAN-Projects]
  • A fresh process of Delay analysis based on ARQ protocol designed also for energy-efficient transmission in W-BAN
  • An effective mechanism also for Automatic Segment Repeat Request in favor of IEEE 802.15.4-Based on WBAN system
  • A fresh Design practice of a Tri-Band Off-Body Antenna also used for WBAN Communication system
  • On the use of Spherical Wave Functions based on Antenna Deembedding also in WBAN Channel Modeling system