WBAN with Cloud Projects

      WBAN with Cloud Projects has been emerged for students and scholars interested over this promising technology. Combination of WBAN and Cloud creates a hybrid platform to work with medical and non–medical applications. Due to its wide area of applications, the process of security providence plays a major role. On going in-depth study we have depicted some recent methodologies involved in WBAN with Cloud for security providence,

Data security in WBAN-with-Cloud Projects

  • Identity–Based Ring Signature
  • Cipher text–policy attribute–based encryption
  • Asymmetric Signcryption scheme
  • Mutual authentication
  • Diffie–Hellman key exchange
  • Chaotic maps based authentication
  • Certificateless public auditing scheme
  • Multi-biometric based scheme
  • Integrated secure authentication

Attack detection in WBAN-Projects

  • Very fast decision tree
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Snort–based intrusion detection system
  • Blocking rules
  • Packet monitoring approach
  • Dempster–Shafer theory
  • Confidence–based filtering
  • Covariance matrix statistical method
  • Hop count filtering method

      WBAN with Cloud Projects also involves other significance as interference reduction, congestion minimization, mobility support, storage management, delay minimization and more.

   For more ideas, go through the following topics under WBAN-Cloud Projects,

  • An effective structure method designed for Context-Adaptive Security for Mobile Cloud Computing system
  • A new-fangled technology based to Efficient Automatic Scaling and also Adaptive Cost-Optimized eHealth Services in Cloud
  • The proficient data offloading also to cloud method into support of smart healthcare sensors
  • A Framework and challenges designed for Wireless body area networks also based on big data scheme [WBAN-with-Cloud Projects]
  • An efficient mechanism designed for PHINet also based on Plug-n-Play Content-centric in Testbed structure intended for Health-Internet of Things
  • An effective process of preserving biosensor users also based on anonymity over wireless cellular network system
  • The novel technology of Smart community health awareness model
  • Toward energy-efficient mechanism along with trustworthy also based on eHealth monitoring system
  • An effective performance for cloud-based on interference-aware remote in health monitoring system also used for non-hospitalized patients
  • A new technique of Multidisciplinary approaches into achieving efficient and also trustworthy eHealth monitoring systems
  • An efficient system of Cloud-enabled wireless body area networks also in favor of pervasive healthcare method
  • An ingenious process of Performance Evaluation used for Cloud Computing also in u-Health Environment
  • A modern technique based Performance Evaluation of Wireless Body Area Network also in u-Health Environment
  • The new-fangled method of Performance also based on WBAN UWB system by measured on-body channel model [WBAN-with-Cloud Projects]
  • An inventive process of FAAL based on Fog computing-based patient monitoring system also used for ambient assisted living